General business plan

Since every business must prepare a business plan and every business is unique, we provide general information about the most important building blocks that must be included in the business plan.

It is not enough to write the business plan once and then put it on the shelf, but it must be reviewed again and again at least monthly or quarterly, and corrected or corrected in accordance with the circumstances that have changed over time, so that the business plan is always up to date.


Executive summary: This section provides a brief summary of the business plan. Ideally no longer than one page, it should include a general description of the business, products/services, target market, competitive advantages, financial outlook and business objectives.

Corporate structure. This includes the legal structure (e.g. sole trader, limited company, etc.), the ownership structure, and the key teams and people in the company.

Products and services: describe in detail the products and services of the company. Include information such as product/service benefits, manufacturing process, sales and delivery process, and future product development plans.

Market analysis: In this section you describe the market in which your business will operate. This includes a description of the target market, an analysis of customers, an analysis of competitors and market trends.

Marketing and sales strategy: Here you describe how you plan to sell and market your products or services. This includes your brand message, marketing channels, sales strategy and customer attraction plans.

Financial plan. It includes estimates of income and expenditure, financial projections, profit and loss calculations, cash flow and balance sheet, and a presentation of capital requirements and returns.

Investor summary: This section summarises the plan for potential investors, including the offer to invest, the company’s current financial position and the expected return on investment.

Annexes and Appendices: this includes detailed financial information, marketing materials, product specifications, legal documents and other important information that readers may find necessary to understand the business plan.

Very Important! This template is only a general framework and you can modify it as necessary to suit your own business needs. Preparing a business plan is a very important step in planning your business as it helps you understand the market, business model and financial outlook.

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