Company Formation in Germany

Company Formation in Germany


Choose your company type: GMBH


GMBH incorporation price:  £1.400

  • 25,000 € share capital required
  • (12,500 € must have been paid into the bank account)
  • Up to 3 shareholders included
  • Up to 1 managing director included
  • Verification of name and registration
  • Standard shareholder agreement (“Musterprotokoll”) in German language

Further support services:

  • Information and intro to a notary for the actual incorporation
  • How-to documents for registration with the trade office as well as tax office


  • Notary fees and costs for offices are not included.
  • The notary provides the incorporation document.



Available Add-ons

Any additional managing director  £180

Each additional managing director, above the already included managing director


One more shareholder  £180

Each additional shareholder, above the already included 3 shareholders


Corporate Shareholder  £500

A shareholder who is himself a company from Germany. Creating individual articles of association through our partner lawyer *

A shareholder who is himself a company from a country outside the EU. Creating individual articles of association through our partner lawyer *. £600


Accompanied notary appointment & notarization GmbH  £2.200

We organize a notary appointment. Our lawyer attends the appointment and accompanies the notarization procedure. Includes a consecutive translation from German into English.
Attention: Notary fees are NOT included.


Commercial register registration

Performed by the notary public.
Additional fees apply and are not included. Costs of approx. £300are incurred for the entry in the commercial register.


Trade Office Registration  £600

Companies are required by law to register with the local trade office when they start their business. *

(You can do the business registration yourself, here costs iHv. 13.00-31.00 pounds)


Tax office & sales tax

German shareholders  / optionalGermany tax

Preparation of opening balance sheet for easy application.


Non-German shareholders  /  optional

Preparation of opening balance sheet for easy application.

Introduction of one of our partner companies for accounting / year end filings. **


VAT Application  / optional

Preparation of your tax office questionnaire for your VAT ID application **


Bank Introduction  / incl.

Presentation of a German bank for opening a German bank account.


Remote incorporation  £800

Official representation by the founding attorney at the German notary, via Power of attorney (Handlunsgvollmacht).*

  • Does not include costs for your notary, costs of an apostille or costs at a German consulate.


Incorporation documents in English  £250

  • Sample Memorandum and Articles of Association in English.
  • Appointment of the managing director in English.


Printed documents

  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Printed memorandum and articles of association.
  • Printed extract from the commercial register.
  • Shipping (including tracking)


Individual legal advice  £300

Individual consultation with our lawyer. Per 30 minutes.*


The notary fees and the costs for entry in the commercial register (Handelsregister) are not included in the price and will be charged separately.
* The prices stated here are attorney’s fees (net only). The legal services are provided by lawyer Alexander von Engelhardt, Hardenbergstr. 12, 10623 Berlin. Symfalogc GmbH does not provide legal advice itself.
** Symfalogic GmbH does not provide legal advice itself. The Symfalogic GmbH works together with different lawyers and tax advisors, who provide the necessary individual legal advice.




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