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Laszlo Czibok

Laszlo Czibok

Laszlo Czibok

Czibók László, Vállalkozó vs. Alkalmazott:

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Hi! Welcome everyone!

A bit more serious subject again. After yesterday, before yesterday we were out at the Sound. And it made it even stronger in me that I knew a lot of young people watching me, watching my videos, which I thank them very much, and I know I have a certain responsibility. I’m not necessarily talking about wisdom sharing, but a lot of things, a lot of people are trying to hear and take from here, not all that good thing. I told everyone I met personally to handle my reasoning to such a degree because this, these were the ones I experienced, it may not work the same with anyone else. But I think what I’m going to talk about now is definitely a good thing for them, not just for younger audience, but maybe for the older ones as well.

It is a big decision in life, first when you are young, when you go to school, where, and in what direction forward. Work, you must have to, unless you have won the lottery, or have rich family members, well married, this is a rarer variation, but you must do something at any point.

Now you’re there in school, and there are two ways ahead of you, you either work or study forward. You learn, there are more ways out there. You study a profession, you go to college, university, and then you get on that squirrel wheel, which is called work.

What should a you do? The big question here. What is this video going to be about being an Employee or an Entrepreneur? So if you tell anyone what you want to be, like in a fairy tale, obviously everyone will tear up their chest for wanting to be an entrepreneur, not for a very difficult reason, purpose, everyone wants to live well, and right, this little picture is in front of us, everyone. The entrepreneur leaves it’s Mercedes, he stands beside his hundreds of millions of villas with a pool, beautiful garden, and park. Then when he worked off his daily one hour, he would go out and then relax in Hawaii. In a soaking pool. This is a general picture.

And the employee who goes to the factory, picks up the exact work time, cools the iron, or bringing the rubbish, and work off eight to twelve hours. Then goes home, open the beer, sits down in front of the TV, and falls asleep, then it starts over the next morning. The employee gets a small amount of money for it. Both extremes, of course are rounded. But if someone is a young child, that’s about how they see the two. Well, the picture is much more subtle.

Man begins to dissect these, then as a flow chart the whole thing unfolds. Let’s start with the employee first. If you decide you want to be an employee or not just a matter of decision, that’s what life throws at you. This also has its good and bad sides. Let’s start with the good side.

Why is it good to be an employee? You don’t have to think, for example, that the company you work for is to stay stable? None of your business. You don’t have to think about where you are going in advance, you are told the work process you are doing, what you need to do, you do it at a given time, and then if you are good, you get your little pay and you stay. If what you are doing is not good, then they will tell you maybe once, and the second time they will say that you do not have to come again. But most importantly, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on with the company tomorrow. Of course, there are things when they tell, you may not have a job because the company is going down tomorrow, but that is less common because it has a longer time. You don’t have to worry about whether your customer will be there tomorrow, whether you will have customers, take over the goods you produce, etc., go in, do the process, whether it is based on physical or theoretical work , and then, at the end of the month or early in the month, you pick up your salary and the problem is solved.

You don’t have to worry too much and you can anticipate because you know that your salary is about the same, it is raised every year a little bit, but you know how much, it doesn’t change and you can make a budget for yourself, what, how you settle your little money, by the time what could it be enough for, can you possibly rest, do vacation, or just strictly enough for a living, can you set saving aside to start something with your money later, or maybe be an entrepreneur. So definitely, that’s the good part.

The bad part is they tell you what to do, which is not good for everyone. Someone can bear it, someone cannot bear it, everyone is individual at some level, and they must be able to stand in line. “Meanwhile, Arthur is doing his job at the back, don’t worry about it.” So, everyone is a different kind of personality, harder to bear being told how to do, what to do, what not to do. There are conflicts sooner or later, and those are the ones that get in the way, and then your boss tells, you don’t have to come again. Just like I told in the previous case, so again, you don’t have to come, it’s not up to you. So this is the bad part, and what was a good part in the previous example is you can plan with your money, but the money is probably, unless you change position, say at that particular company and you go ahead, it will be about the same. So here, if you line up and become an employee, there is very little chance that you will come in front of the villa with Mercedes later, and then of course a company or employee who pays very good, doing its job very good, you are very clever, say an IT professional, where the same amount can be earned as an employee, but this is not a typical example, so I’m not highlighting that. So, your small salary stays true to the fact that you can manage it, but you can’t do such great wonders. That’s the bad part. Let’s move to the other side.

Entrepreneur. What’s the bad part? Let’s start with the bad part now. First, you need to start this business. Um… what do you need for that? I need an idea. What should be your business? Now, obviously the parents are doing something, and you drop into it and carry it on, then you don’t need the big idea, you just do it.

The bad part is, if you start a business, where do you get money for it? You need capital for everything, less or more for something, but you will definitely risk that money. So, if it’s a start-up business, it either comes in or doesn’t come in. It depends a lot: on the market, the demand, the supply, how well you do your job, and it needs a lot of luck. Just when you enter the market, what is the economic situation, etc. So, you’ve got the capital, you’ve got the idea, and you’re going to start a business.

You know, if a business is personal, then everything is up to you, you just go back and forth, but you do grow your business, you have to hire employees. There’s a big downside here, and whoever doesn’t own this business won’t work as fast as you do. Now it either fits in with the momentum that the company wants or doesn’t fit in, and from now on, if you don’t notice it in time and you don’t get away from this man, or people, then your business is dead and you can go back to be an employee or you could try another thing. Anyway, it depends on other things that this business is going to work for you, say the economic situation, the different market situations, what kind of employees you have, you have scammed, you have not scammed and you have not paid for the previous job, and lets say you can’t pay wage for your employees.

It depends on a lot of things, a really nerve-wracking, more brain-seeking thing, not to mention the Hungarian tax system is pretty strange, let’s stay with that term and it doesn’t really help start-ups and later, really professional ones, so you have to be very awake, unless you do tricks, which is illegal, for you to get along really well. People really think “I put a lot of money into it, or a little money, and I’ve worked a lot and its mine, then I want to make money from it”. Now, it has a lot to do, like the one I just listed, and it really comes in, then it will really make the Mercedes and the Hawaii soaking. Either I’m just tossing money out the window or I make just as much profit with my company as if I were employed somewhere, many people shut down because they say they go back to work, probably because they are better off as employee than an entrepreneur when they are in nerve disease every day. That’s the worst part.

The good part is: 1, you don’t have a boss. At least you don’t have a boss who tells you what to do on a daily basis, you don’t have to endure someone being in a bad mood and then humiliates you at a level that doesn’t involve work, which is a bit uncomfortable for you but you have to bear it because you want to come to work tomorrow. And somehow, it’s a good thing that you do what you want. Obviously, you’re going to do things that you want, or you know well. So, it’s hard to think of me that if I figure out that I’ll be doing a business tomorrow to do, say corn wholesaler, one that I don’t care about, but more importantly, I absolutely don’t understand. You always try to do something that I think you have to expand into something that has a little affinity, a sense of it, you see how it works, and you see that it has money, or no money and if you can do it. So, this is the good part, let’s say you start with things that have a good part, you know it, and it comes into play. So, really successful, you go all the way forward, and after years of that, you’re either a big man, you tossed that small business into a big business, and then there’s the Mercedes key, the hundreds of millions villa, and the Hawaiian pool soaking holiday, and then I say you did it.

This is not the case now. I know a lot of rich people in Hungary, good successful entrepreneurs, now maybe we have gone out of this wild capitalism, the change of the system was characterized by the good big money that the entrepreneurs had put away, not just the huge professional knowledge and skilful entrepreneurship and by seizing opportunities, they have become billionaires because of a lot of brother-in-law mates, buddies, circumventing different laws, and improperly sanctioning them. Maybe that time has passed, and now you really have to put something on the table, let’s not involve politics I asking you very nicely, yes, that’s another thing, you can make money anyway, but let it go now.

I would like to give you an example, I mentioned this in one of the previous video, I don’t know what program I was watching on television, and there was a very successful big entrepreneur, big agricultural entrepreneur who they asked, he have billions of sales abroad, also in Hungary, they asked him, what he thinks is the most important point, and the best thing to do to be a successful entrepreneur. And he answered without thinking. Everyone thought he had good relationships, he had money, he could evade tax laws, listen to them, have professional accountants, no. One thing he said was that he was honest with his customers. So, he did not explain it precisely, but I am going to say a little bit more roughly, but maybe that is understandable.

So, you can beat someone once, twice, but it won’t work a third time. So, if you give a waste product to someone, a scrap product, whether it’s a mental or a tangible product, will do it once or twice, it won’t work for the third time, and that’s words will fly. And if the words go flies, your company will sooner or later (whistle) go down and you can screw down your door, people won’t need anything from you. Even if you bring the price down, because they already know you are untrustworthy, the product will not be correct and will have problems. It doesn’t matter what it is.

So the most important thing in a business is to be honest with your customers and know what they want, for example, a restaurant from a butcher wants the same quality sausage, shortbread, fat bacon, no matter what, if they buy it now or if in three weeks later, at night when they call at two in the morning, you still get it, and so the business is successful, and I believe that about it, honesty in other areas of life, even if it’s kind of smooth around it, it pays off in the long run, constant snarling and constant liars, unfortunately I could tell about it, it’s not good. Everyone will realize that, as I realized, but this will be the subject of another video. So, as an entrepreneur, honesty is definitely one of the most important things.

To sum it up a bit at the end of the video, it’s not entirely a matter of choice, as I started at the beginning that if you want to be an entrepreneur, it may not be the right way to go. There are people who were not born to be entrepreneurs. So, an entrepreneur needs a little pumpkin, not necessarily between his legs, but in his blood. You definitely need to be able to go forward, you need some sort of worldview when you go through fire and water, you have to not bow your head constantly, and then say “ahh, okay, so be it, yes”, but not just for your company, but for your employee, and you must have a sense of responsibility, because it is not just about your own bread that you put on the table at night, but a lot of people who are your employees or less, how much , you also have to take responsibility for their lives, their families, for what they put down on the table. So, a lot of responsibility, also requires a bit of hardness and needs a very strong ego to really think and believe that “I can do it”. If someone is the type to get told what to do, he sits there, eight hours near the machine, he stands eight hours at the workbench, he stands eight hours at the desk, telling him to “put it there , this has to be pulled here, this has to be taken here, there”, you don’t have to think too much about it, you do it with integrity, I emphasize, this kind of mentality is not a problem either. Somebody was born like this; somebody was born like that. So, if someone is born that way, he likes to be told what to do so don’t try to do a business because it won’t work.

So, definitely have to deal with strong risk managers here … I don’t know how to say it, so it’s like having the qualities that you dare to risk, because there isn’t exist “I’m just putting my money in here now and I’ll double it”. In fact, for years you might just be stowing money and not taking anything out of it, only enough to make a living. And I have acquaintances who were entrepreneurs, or still entrepreneurs, that for years were earning less than their employees, and then of course it started. But he didn’t give up because he believed this  business going to be a success, and he would say “oh, I will eat the bread of the poor for years, but I live to pay my employees fairly and then it prospered and they have been successful people ever since. So, if somebody thinks they must try something, try it. If somebody says no, it’s fine for me, so I’m going to queue up and say I going to be a very good electrician, that’s okay, they are well paid, especially now the construction industry goes well, a very good craftsman who works in the construction industry, brings home a lot of money, the entrepreneur who is his boss, more, obviously, but he takes the risk.

So if the job is inadequate, if the company that employed him is going bankrupt and he has put his money in various goods, a lot of salaries, you have to pay the employer, at least if you have the pumpkin in his blood as I said , so he takes responsibility, and then maybe he won’t work for nothing. So, if someone is like this, or someone is like that then one will choose the one they like. One more thing, that towards the business, because (Arthur, would you finish?), The cat also knows how to do it, so towards the entrepreneurial mind you definitely need a very good idea, as I said at the beginning, so you say you figure it out that you will be the 652nd computer shopkeeper. Well, you might come in, its less likely, because there are 651 others who are probably more knowledgeable than you are, already doing and knowing what their pitfalls are. You get a lot of stuff and it won’t work. Then if you have an idea, something unique that doesn’t exist anywhere else, or you know this computer shop can be done at other times, better than your neighbour, who does his business down at the staircase in a small shop space, maybe within two and a half square selling two hundred and fifty years old used machines and it has couple of thousands a month, you know that this can be done differently, you don’t have to put in a lot money and don’t have to necessary do this, then maybe you might be lucky and do things well. But you must take a risk. So, what I’m saying is that this is what makes someone different from who is an employee or an entrepreneur, who dares to take risks and who does not. In short, this is the simplest thing.

Well, thank you very much for your attention, Arthur is very upset, he doesn’t seem to like me talking. I wanted to tell everyone about this theme, and I wish everyone a successful business or, if employed, good company choosing and good job. Bye!

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