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Serbian Company Formation

Serbian Company Formation – Company Formation in Serbia

With a comprehensive and accurate business plan and the right knowledge, we can make the Serbian company started smooth. In order to make business processes simple and fast, it is worth thinking long-term. In addition to choosing the right company form and completing the company formation application form, you also need to focus on future mandatory tasks. Corporate management, accounting and financial affairs will also be an important part of our operations.

Not only does our company assist you in defining the basic start-up guidelines, but also in closely related rules, minimized tax burdens and costs, and full accounting.


Serbian Company Formation Advantages:

  • It can also be done online
    • There is no charge for bank account management for the first 1 to 1.5 years
    • International networking opportunities


So, starting a business in Serbia in just one day is possible with us!


Steps to start a company:

1) Choosing a Business Name: If you have a clear idea of ​​your business name, it is imperative that you check to see if it is a pre-booked name. If it is unavailable or there are other obstacles to choosing a name (some words and phrases can only be included for a special fee), then other options are worth considering. You can even start the process right away by filling out and submitting a company name check form on our website. Our company will conduct a review in the shortest possible time and let you know if the selected company name is free.

2) Filling in the company form: Fill out the company form on our online interface and send it to us! The identity of the director and the ownership structure are already required, as both the personal details of the members of the firm and the area of ​​activity essential to the operation are recorded. In addition to the already accepted company name, you must also make a statement about your equity and registered office in Serbian. If these are approved by our Serbian company registration court, the company will be given a company registration number and will be registered with the authority.

3) Submit Certificate: As soon as the company court has completed the registration of the company, we will send the company registration documents in PDF or print format if the company incorporation package contains it or if the customer requests so. At the same time as you submit your certificate, we will send you our country brochure and useful tips and addresses that the company will most likely need in your lifetime.

4) To proceed with your order: Click on the “Client Gate / Login” link (top right menu) to register an account with your details. You can select the selected company formation package by clicking on the “Shop” button (in the header, top left) in your account, and then place your order by choosing the following payment options:

  • PayPal Payments> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Select Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Log In to Your PayPal Account
  • With Credit Card> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Select Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Credit Card Payment option must be selected.
  • With bank transfer> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (green button)> (Select payment method) Mail in Payment> Order (Blue button) option must be selected.

You can use the steps above to pay the company foundation fee to Symfalogic Corporation.

Once your payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation to verify that the form has been completed correctly. Once we receive confirmation from you that the information is correct, we will begin the process of setting up your business and provide you with further information on each step.

5) After Receiving Documents: It is a good idea for the company to open its own corporate bank account to get started as soon as possible. Important information is that this does not require a permanent address in the island country, it is also possible to open a business bank account as a bypass solution with an online bank or possibly in another country. The latter is subject to the requirement of an internationally certified company statement, which our agency provides to its clients as an additional service. The certified company statement is valid for 30 days and two weeks before it arrives, so you may want to adjust your bank account opening date to that date.

6) Accounting: After the registration, the company court and we will notify the South African tax office of the formation of the company. Within a few weeks (approximately 2 to 4 weeks), you will receive from your tax office the tax number used for corporation tax returns.


The most common forms of enterprise in Serbian are:



What do you need to know about Serbian companies?

In Serbian, at the end of each tax year, operating companies are required to make a return in the company bulletin on the details of the company and the director, as well as the share capital. The documentation must be submitted to the Serbian Court of Registration, even if no changes have been made to the company within one year. In addition, an annual account statement is required for annual results. Corporate tax returns are also required and must be filed with the Serbian tax office. This means that an Serbian company must file at least 4 mandatory tax returns per year:

  • Confirmation Statement
  • Annual Account
  • Corporation Tax (CT600)
  • Self Assessment

So when you start a business, it’s worth buying the accounting package that already contains these returns. This can avoid a lot of burden and hassle at the outset. Our company offers these returns to our clients as a bookkeeping package for “Dormant” companies.


What happens after the company is founded?

As soon as the company court registers the company, the same day we will send you the company documents and the certificates that are included in the ordered company formation package. After that, we call our clients for consultation, where we reconcile the data (no typo, error, etc.) and discuss any remaining issues.

We present our Start Folder for the company, which provides useful help and guidance for the operation of the company.


Upon receipt of the incorporation documents, the company must begin:

·        Opening a Bank Account

Recommended Serbian Banks:


 National bank of Serbia   –   Niska Banka   –   Zepter Banka   –   Banka Intesa


Note: If you want to make it easier to open a business bank account, it is a good idea to open your own private account at the bank of your choice. If you already have a private bank account with the bank you choose, it will be easier for the bank to open a bank account for the company as it is already a “check” known customer. In a nutshell: This will prepare the ground for opening a company account.


So it is necessary:

  • 2 personal identification numbers
  • Address Identification Document
  • Business Letterhead for business information
  • Documents proving the registration of the company
  • Phone number
  • Description of the company’s activities – Business Plan
  • Start of business operation, annual expected turnover
  • Personal details of the Director (s)
  • Website
  • Business email address (not gmail!)


After a personal interview with the corporate bank manager, there is a chance that he or she will send the material to the central management, who may have further questions.
The decision is expected at least two weeks from now.

So having a personal identification document, documentary proof of business, and other documentation, meeting in person is crucial! A bank manager would like to see an entrepreneurial citizen living and working, thinking of doing business here, with partners here, who radiates trust, who can convince him to start a viable business, who is perfectly in line with his company profile, plans and vision and can communicate that to them.

The bank, especially when opening a corporate bank account, is extremely cautious, suspicious, and characterized by a regulatory rather than a service-minded approach, although it is extremely willing, polite and cooperative. So the criteria are given, but whether or not to open a bank account will definitely be a subjective decision of the bank.

If the personal consultation results in a positive result, they will open a bank account for the company.

The account can only be controlled by the administrator at any time, and the bank cannot give orders to third parties.

Your bank account includes a bank card, a code to transfer money, and a Gadget. (this is a tool to start the transfer)

The card must be activated at a local vending machine.

Where a company has more than one director, each director shall be present at the opening of the account.


What to do next:

  • Design and production of the company logo and business card, letterhead
  • To figure out the colors and the image of the company
  • Preparation of company stamp design
  • Invoice template design (manual and online versions)
  • Select a business phone number
  • Domain name selection, reservation
  • Creating a business website and business email addresses
  • Creating Social Pages
  • Figure out the company music (what music or melody will identify the company)
  • Pricing
  • Company banners, company videos (with selected music background)
  • Design and production of leaflets and marketing materials
  • Find free ad spaces
  • Finding paid ad slots
  • Preparing a business plan (for the first 5 years)
  • Preparation of marketing plan
  • Preparation of financial plan
  • Choosing an office and its equipment,
  • Introducing the company and its activities into the public domain (familiarization with family members, friends, acquaintances, old colleagues, etc.)
  • Finding business partners
  • Start trading
  • Privacy Registration & GDPR Regulation Preparation



Why choose us if you are planning to start a company in Serbiany?


  • Because we are experts in starting a company
  • Because by phone, Skype, email or in-person, you can get a complete picture of company formation and regulations in a short space of time.
  • Because the process can be started in our office or starting a company on our website can be faster. This way, we make it easier to start a company.
  • Because other useful additional services are available, such as the Home Service, and full accounting, payroll.
  • Because we help you open a bank account


  • Because we are experts in accounting
  • Because we make accounting easier
  • Because we provide our own billing software
  • Because we pay attention to deadlines
  • Because we always pay attention to bills
  • Because we optimize billing on a quarterly basis
  • Because we have flexible and interoperable accounting packages


  • Because we know what companies need
  • Because we give you a guarantee to start a business
  • Because we also provide borrowing opportunities for start-up companies
  • Because we offer EU application writing


  • Because we have supervised sales companies


  • Because we are currently starting a company in 6 different languages
  • Because we currently have 12 employees
  • Because we are currently establishing companies in 13 countries
  • Because we have been dealing with accounting since 1999
  • Because we have been starting a company since 2013
  • Because our company has been selected by the IFCFA Association as a prominent member.


  • Because we offer our customers a variety of payment solutions, from which they can choose the most convenient, the simplest: billing with PayPal or credit card, bank transfer. The English company formation process can be started immediately after registration on the website and data reconciliation.



Serbia is waiting for you! – start setting up a Serbian company,

and ask us for help with any business matters! We look forward to hear from you at any of our contacts!



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