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English Company Formation

Welcome to English Company Formation Page

The dynamic economic and business environment of the United Kingdom offers attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs. Here, we have gathered some of the most important benefits of starting and operating a business.
Our services in the United Kingdom:

Company Formation

Popular type: LTD (Limited)

Headquarter Services

We provide office services in Leeds and Doncaster.


Bookkeeping, Corporation Tax, Payslip, VAT

Why the UK?

Some well known example are hard cider from apples, perry from pears, pomegranate wine, and elderberry wine.

Business in the UK

Wines made from plants other than grapes include rice wine and various fruit wines such as those made from plums or cherries.


Wines made from plants other than grapes include rice wine and various fruit wines such as those made from plums or cherries.


Wines made from plants other than grapes include rice wine and various fruit wines such as those made from plums or cherries.


Simple, Fast, Logical.

This is Symfalogic Corporation.

Have you ever wondered why so many choose us? Because with us, success is not a coincidence. Symfalogic Corporation believes that every business is unique and deserves personalized attention and support.

As an international company formation and accounting firm, we believe in simple, quick, and logical solutions. Our businesses are driven by dreams, desires, and hopes towards creating new and better things. Our passion is to be part of this process, helping our clients grow and develop their businesses.

We are proud to say that we have been serving the English market for over a decade, and what makes us special is our international roots. This carries the message that even as a foreign citizen, you can successfully establish an English business. Especially now, when the United Kingdom has opened a new era with the Pacific Partnership, the possibilities are endless.

If there are no legal obstacles to being an English business owner, the world is open to you! The United Kingdom has left the European Union but has joined an equally large and exciting community, the Pacific Community. (Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership – CPTPP)

With more than 15 countries, nearly 600 million people, and a combined GDP of 11 trillion pounds after the UK’s accession, they are waiting for English companies to appear in this community too.

Huge opportunities open up if you establish an English company!

Read our brochure here to get the full picture of what opportunities you are turning away from if you miss out on establishing an English company.


Establish a company in England, and open the door to the vast markets of the Pacific Partnership! Doing business in the United Kingdom offers not only the benefits of a globally recognized legal framework and a stable business environment but also provides access to the impressive markets of the CPTPP countries. By leveraging tax advantages, reduced trade tariffs, and the opportunity for global market access, the possibilities before you as an English company are boundless. Take the first step today to exploit these advantages and steer your business towards global success!

Company Formation for Non UK Residents

Launch your business from outside the UK. Our International Packages are perfectly suited for global clients who wish to establish a British company from countries approved by the UK government. Thanks to the stringent measures against financial crime and money laundering adopted by Great Britain, residents of 171 countries are permitted to set up a British company in the UK. To view the list of approved countries, click the button below:

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    How do I register a company?

    You can register a company in 4 simple steps:

    1. Company name

    You need to check whether the country in question allows the use of the chosen name as a company name.

    2. Choose a package

    You can choose your company formation package, or you can choose the Education package

    3. Pay for the package

    After you have selected the package, pay the fee. You can pay securely in USD, EURO, GBP and Crypto!

    4. Complete details

    You need personal ID documents, the company’s name and type, a UK address and it is also necessary to specify the share capital.

    Company Registration Packages

    Our company formation packages offer solutions for businesses at various stages:

    • The Symple package: for those just preparing to enter the market,
    • The Fast package: for start-ups ready to launch immediately, and
    • The Logical package: for companies planning for the long term.

    We are pioneers in the international market with our unique supplementary service in the company formation and accounting sector.

    • Our educational package is an integrated solution that encompasses every step of company formation. Moreover, by choosing education package, you’re not just creating your company; you’re participating in a comprehensive entrepreneurial training that covers essential business knowledge, daily corporate administration tasks, market research and competitor analysis, modern marketing strategies, and many other relevant topics.

    If it’s company formation you’re after, we truly set you on the path of business in a simple, fast and logical manner.


    * Our offer is valid for one year, after that it will be priced according to the price list


    LTD Company Package

    • Unlimited Consultation
    • Name selection
    • Unlimited Director
    • Unlimited Owner
    • Unlimited Secretary
    • Persons with Significant (PSC)
    • Articles of incorporation Pdf
    • Digital Articles of incorporation
    • Digital certificates
    • UTR number
    • Webfiling code
    • Start folder
    • Send notification of filing deadlines


    LTD Company Package

    • Unlimited Consultation
    • Name selection
    • Unlimited Director
    • Unlimited Owner
    • Unlimited Secretary
    • Persons with Significant (PSC)
    • Search for SIC codes
    • £ 100 – share capital
    • Articles of incorporation Pdf
    • Digital Articles of incorporation
    • Digital certificates
    • Regsitered office in Leeds
    • Corporation Tax Registration
    • Government Gateway Registration
    • UTR number
    • Webfiling code
    • Start folder
    • Send notification of filing deadlines


    LTD Company Package

    • Unlimited Consultation
    • Name selection
    • Unlimited Director
    • Unlimited Owner
    • Unlimited Secretary
    • Persons with Significant (PSC)
    • Search for SIC codes
    • £ 100 – share capital
    • Articles of incorporation Pdf
    • Digital Articles of incorporation
    • Digital certificates
    • Regsitered office in Leeds
    • 1 Correspondence Address*
    • Director Address*
    • Secretary Address*
    • Principal Business Address*
    • Post Box Address*
    • Corporation Tax Registration
    • Government Gateway Registration
    • Directors Self Assesment Registration
    • UTR number
    • Webfiling code
    • Start folder
    • Send notification of filing deadlines
    • Paye registration
    • Privacy registration
    • VAT registration


    Full Company Formation

    1. Basics of Entrepreneurship
    2. The Company as a Legal Entity
    3. The United Kingdom as an Entrepreneur-Friendly Environment
    4. Daily Company Administration – Everything a Startup Entrepreneur Needs to Know
    5. What Makes a Good Company Name
    6. The Process of Company Formation and Company Administration in the United Kingdom
    7.  Introduction to the World of Companies House
    8. Step-by-Step Company Formation in England
    9. Company Data Amendments and Filing Returns
    10. HMRC Tutorial – Creating and Managing a Tax Authority Gateway
    11. Accounting Software – Invoicing, Expense Management, and Bank Account Reconciliation in the Accounting Software
    12. Navigating Business Life
    13. GDPR
    14. Market Research and Competitor Analysis
    15. Planning
    16. Characteristics of Modern Marketing
    17. How to Choose a Business Partner or Associate

    After founding your company, numerous tasks await you. For example: domain registration, website creation, acquiring equipment, finding suppliers, search for employees, office rental, etc. While you are busy with these tasks, start earning money with us from the first day following your company’s registration!

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    I joint now


    Join 29,12,093 Students.



    Do I have to be a UK resident to form a company?

    Absolutely, you do not need to be physically present in the United Kingdom to establish a company. Regardless of where you reside or your nationality, we can assist in setting up your business as long as you’re over 16 years of age, not disqualified by bankruptcy, and not barred from holding a corporate director’s position.
    For those not residing in the UK, our Non-Residents Package, starting at £99, offers everything needed to register your company from anywhere in the world. This includes providing a UK address to serve as your company’s registered office address, an essential requirement for company formation in the UK.
    You can opening a bank account the next banks: Wise, Revolut, Anna, Tide, Monzo, Cashplus.

    What company type or structure should I choose?

    In the United Kingdom, the predominant form of business setup is the private limited company, also known as a company limited by shares. This structure is favored for conducting standard commercial activities, aimed at generating profits for its owners, the shareholders. One of the key advantages of this setup is the limited liability protection it offers, safeguarding personal assets should the company encounter financial difficulties.

    For those interested in establishing a non-profit organization, such as a sports club or a workers’ co-operative, the recommended structure is a company limited by guarantee. This format is tailored for entities that do not distribute profits to their members.

    Another viable business structure is the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), which is particularly suited for professional service providers who need limited liability but are restricted from incorporating as a limited company by their regulatory bodies. The LLP combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefits of limited liability for its members, making it an ideal choice for professionals like accountants, lawyers, and architects who wish to maintain a collaborative business model while protecting their personal assets.

    What is the mean by a company limited by shares?

    A company limited by shares stands as the most favored type of limited company setup in many jurisdictions, not just for its straightforward setup but also for the financial security it offers its owners. The term “limited by shares” refers to the limitation of the owners’ (shareholders’) liability strictly to the nominal or face value of the shares they hold in the company.

    This means that in the event of financial failure or debts, the personal assets of the shareholders are protected; their financial risk is limited to the amount they invested in purchasing the company’s shares. This key feature makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors looking to balance the pursuit of profit with the management of potential financial risks.

    In this section, we will focus on the most popular company type, the LTD

    What information do I need to set up a company?

    To establish a limited company in the UK, there are several essential requirements you must fulfill:

    1. Unique Company Name: Your chosen company name must be distinctive and not already registered with Companies House. You can verify the availability of your desired name through a company name checker tool, which helps ensure that your company name is unique and compliant with the UK’s company registration rules.
    2. Registered Office Address in the UK: Every company is required to have a physical UK address that will serve as its registered office address. This address is publicly listed and is used for official communications. Many company formation service providers, including us, offer a registered office address service as part of their packages, such as the Privacy Package, which can also help maintain your privacy by not disclosing your personal address.
    3. Director(s) and Shareholder(s) Details: You need to provide comprehensive details of all the company’s directors and shareholders. This includes their full names, residential addresses (which are kept private but must be provided for registration purposes), occupations, dates of birth, and nationalities. These details are crucial for the legal and administrative setup of your company, ensuring that all involved parties are duly recorded and accountable.
    4. Company Details: Each UK company must identify the sector of activity in which it wants to start. In contrast to other countries, English companies can specify a maximum of four activities at the time of incorporation. These activities can be easily changed during the year by means of a Confirmation Statement.

    By meeting these requirements, you can smoothly navigate the process of registering your company with Companies House, paving the way for a legally established business presence in the UK.

    How many shares do I need to issue?

    When forming a new company, issuing shares is a critical step as it defines ownership and stakeholder proportions within the company. Shares represent a claim on the company’s assets and earnings, and the distribution of these shares determines who holds how much control and ownership.

    For simplicity and ease of understanding, if you’re starting a company with just one shareholder, issuing a single share suffices since that shareholder will own 100% of the company regardless of the number of shares issued. This approach minimizes complications and keeps the share structure straightforward. However, we recommend that you set up your new English company with a nominal value of at least £100, because if you set up with £1, or if you have registered shares of less value, the companies, suppliers and customers who come into contact with you will consider your company unreliable.

    In scenarios involving multiple shareholders, the division of shares should reflect the intended ownership distribution. For instance, if two shareholders are meant to have equal ownership, issuing each the same number of shares, whether one or a hundred, will ensure a 50/50 split.

    Should your company’s shareholding structure require different rights and privileges for different classes of shares, specialized packages like the Multiple Share Class Company Package can provide the necessary assistance, enabling a tailored approach to share issuance and ownership rights. Additionally, services are available to facilitate the issuance of new shares or the transfer of shares between shareholders post-company setup, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in your company’s shareholding structure.

    Can I register a company on my own?

    Yes of course. One person can form a limited company in the UK. You will need at least one director, who can also be the company’s shareholder.

    What is the registered office address?

    Headquarters address – Headquarters – PPOB address

    As the address of the director or owner of a company in England cannot coincide with the company’s head office address, it is necessary for all English companies to be registered at a separate address. The address of the company or firm is called the head office address.

    VAT registered companies are required to have a fourth address in addition to the Director’s address, the Owner’s address and the registered office address. This address is called the PPOB address (Principal Place of Business) This address cannot coincide with any existing address, so this address must also be in a separate location!

    If your Director does not have a UK address, you can request one on our Mail Order Service page.

    For company formation, change of registered office or VAT registration, use our registered office service!

    What can a registered office address be used for?

    Our registered office addresses are used for the forwarding of official correspondence (Bank, Insurance, HMRC, Companies House)

    Incoming correspondence will be opened and forwarded to you via our client gateway to the email address you have previously provided.
    You can retrieve your previous correspondence at any time with a few clicks through the client portal.

    We provide headquarters for companies in three locations – Leeds, Doncaster and Edinburgh.
    If necessary, for a fee of £10 per letter, we will forward your incoming mail to the address of your choice anywhere in the world.

    The company can use the address you request on its letterheads, website and marketing interfaces for the duration of the paid period.

    Is it possible to deliver private letters?

    Yes of course. We also have a private mail handling service. The annual fee is £220. If required, please ask when setting up your company.

    How long does it take to set up a limited company in the UK?

    Embarking on the journey to establish a limited company or LTD (Limited) in the UK is streamlined through a straightforward online application process. No need for a lawyer or notary, or a third party to register the company.

    This user-friendly procedure is designed to take approximately 1 hour, during which you’ll input essential details about your new company and upload your documents.

    To ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements, your application undergoes a pre-submission review by our team before we submit it to Companies House.

    The registration process with Companies House typically ranges from 6 to 8 working hours. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this timeframe can vary based on the current workload of Companies House. Some days may see faster processing times, while on others, it might take a bit longer for your LTD to be officially registered. This variability emphasizes the importance of planning and patience in the registration phase of your business setup.

    How will I know when my company registration has been accepted?

    Once your company registration is successfully completed by Companies House, you will be promptly notified through an “order fulfilled” email sent by us. This email will not only confirm the incorporation of your company but will also contain PDF copies of crucial company documents as attachments. These documents include the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Share Certificate(s) for your newly formed company.

    Additionally, you will receive your Companies House Authentication Code within the same email, which is essential for future administrative processes related to your company.

    It’s important to note that Companies House does not offer real-time updates or progress reports during the registration process. Therefore, receiving the order fulfilled email from us will be your first and primary indication that your company has been officially incorporated. This process ensures that you have immediate access to your official documents and can proceed with the next steps in establishing and operating your new company with all the necessary documentation in hand.

    When can I begin trading with my new company?

    Once your company has been officially registered with Companies House, which typically occurs within 1 day after your application is submitted, you are legally permitted to commence trading activities. It’s crucial, however, to be mindful of the regulatory requirements that follow. Specifically, you must register your company with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for Corporation Tax within three months of beginning your trading activities. Neglecting this obligation can lead to penalties, which could be a setback for your new business. In addition to the start package, our company formation packages also include these registrations.

    In addition to fulfilling your tax obligations, it’s highly advisable to open a dedicated business bank account for your company.
    A dedicated business account not only enhances financial clarity but also demonstrates professionalism and commitment to your business’s financial health, potentially benefiting your relationships with clients, suppliers, and financial institutions.

    What registrations are required for my new UK company?

    You will need to complete the following registrations after setting up your company:

    – Open a bank account
    – Bank account registration (if not included in the chosen company formation package)
    – GDPR (if not included in the chosen company formation package)
    – Payment registration (if not included in the company formation package of your choice)
    – Corporation Tax (if not included in the chosen company formation package)
    – Government Gateway registration
    – Director Self Assessment registration (if not included in the chosen company formation package)
    – VAT registration (if not included in the chosen company formation package and if required)

    Which compulsory returns must be submitted to the tax authorities?

    • Annual Account (balance sheet, profit and loss account at the end of the tax year)
    • Corporation Tax return (CT600 corporation tax return to HMRC)
    • Confirmation Statement return
    • Directors Self Assessment return

    Do you also do accounting for English companies?

    Yes, of course. We provide a full range of services in the UK, from company formation to company domiciliation and accounting. We take care of all the registrations required to run your company, meet deadlines, do the bookkeeping, payroll and file the necessary returns with the authorities on time.
    We represent the company before the authorities. And we give the company all the support it needs to develop and grow.

    How can I become a teacher?

    The process is simple: just register as an instructor on our website, then start uploading the tutorials that add value to your profession!

    How can I become a student?

    Simply register a student account on the site by selecting from the top menu, then browse through our hundreds of tutorials.

    It’s important to note that if you use company formation services or accounting services, we will create a separate client account for you, which you can access under the “Client Gate” option in the top menu.

    If you just want to be a learner, we also provide a separate account for you, so that you won’t be disturbed by our newsletters related to company formation and accounting, or the continuous arrival of our internal company information materials, during your studies. That’s why we made a separate account for our learners.

    If you would like to be an instructor, then you need to register an instructor account, and from there, you can upload and manage your tutorials as well.

    Can I make money with you?

    Yes, of course!

    We offer three ways to start earning money on your first day after incorporation!

    1. Become one of our trainers!
    After starting your business, create your online tutorials with tutorials tailored to your field of activity! Upload your online tutorials to our website and start generating revenue from day one!

    2. Join our affiliate program!
    You will receive a 25% commission for each service you refer. Whether it’s any of our services, a single successful referral can mean significant earnings for you. Just register, share your link, and watch your commissions grow.

    3. We provide free advertising on our Symfalogic Business page for all our clients! Add your image or video, enter your keywords and we will optimize your posting to help you generate more revenue through our site.

    Can I buy courses from the site?

    Yes, of course! You can register students on our website and start learning immediately by purchasing any course!

    What tutorials are on the site?

    The site features mainly business-related courses to help businesses generate more revenue. If a business is stuck growing, it is often the business owners who are the obstacle to the business growing. That’s why we urge our clients to create training materials, learn and grow through it, so that growth never stops.

    How can I create training materials?

    We’ll give you all the help you need to go from simple tutorials to more professional video tutorials in a matter of days.

    There are free tutorials in our courses to help you understand the basics of course creation.
    We can help you with video making, video editing, image editing and even copywriting.

    We teach you how to do a live Zoom meeting professionally.

    Whether it’s cooking, car mechanics, or influencer interviews, we can help you make your plans a reality!

    Why is it a good idea to create education materials?

    After starting a business, you will only have expenses for the first period. Company formation fees, accounting fees, domain registration, website development, etc., etc.

    Create tutorials on what you do best! Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise while creating a new revenue stream for your company and increasing your sales potential before your newly founded company is fully launched!

    How long does it take to create a tutorial?

    For example, a cooking course can be completed in 3-4 days. On the first day, you have to put together the concept and the schedule, on the second day you have to record the video material, on the third day you have to cut the video material together, add subtitles, create PDF material and audio material, and then on the fourth day you can upload it to our site after checking.

    After that, you must enter the price for which you want to sell your course.

    How much does it cost to sell the course on this site?

    The courses are sold on a commission basis, which means that we only ask for 30% of the price of each course sold.

    How is the payment made?

    In the case of the sale of the training materials, every time a course is sold, 100% of the proceeds will be received by us, after which we will forward it to the bank account number specified during registration within 7 days at the latest after deducting our commission.

    How does the process of uploading a completed course work?

    A video guide is available between the courses, which shows step-by-step how to upload the course to our site.

    However, if you have any questions, our staff is ready to help.

    In what formats can the courses be prepared?

    Maximum amount of files you can upload more: 3 files ( maximum file size is 256MB ). / lesson and allow upload only these types: txt,doc,docx,pdf,jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp,mp3,wav,wma,mp4,avi,mov,wmv,xls,xlsx,ods,csv,numbers,tsv,zip.

    Is there mentoring support for course creators?

    Of course, yes, our colleagues are ready to help you with the steps to prepare the courses by phone, Zoom, or Skype during working hours.

    Is it possible to hold live courses or webinars?

    Yes of course. We designed our online training system in such a way that all of our instructors are able to hold Zoom webinars at any time.

    Can I buy a UK company instead of starting a business?

    Yes, of course. We also offer the opportunity to buy an existing UK company, which you can view in the table below:


    After starting a business, open a quick online bank account for your company

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    – embark on starting your business in England,

    and seek our assistance with any financial matters!



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