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  • Specify which details are changed in the company after purchase
  • Change your business registered office service address

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  • Modification of Ownership Structure

  • Your new English company needs an owner. The owner may be an individual, a Director, or another foreign company, or a mixture of both. The owner of the company expresses its ownership by owning the shares of the company (which cannot be listed).
  • Owner 2.

  • Data protection

  • 1. The controller shall inform the contractor that he is processing personal data provided in the order for the purpose of performing the contract. 2. Personal Data Recipients: Symfalogic Corporation Customer Service, Accounting, Tax, and Data Processing Employees. 3. Period of storage of personal data: 5 years after termination of the contract. 4. Personal data will be transferred for processing for tax and accounting purposes, such as to Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd, Royal Mail for mail and delivery, and to the courier service of the country in question, and Symfalogic for security purposes. Corporation Trustee. 5. Information on the rights of the individual concerned and the identity of the data processors can be found at
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