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Below we introduce you to the concept of Registered Agent.


A Registered Agent is also a service such as “Headquarters Service”

that gives the business owner less authority to use the address.


But let’s see in more detail what a “registered agent” is:

There is no such term in the United States as is traditionally used in the European language: “Headquarters”. There is no such thing there. Headquarters in a European sense is about giving a company a physical address,

  • Which you can officially use in your correspondence, documents, contracts
  • You can use the address on your website, business cards, flyers and marketing materials
  • Can be used as a “Correspondence Address”
  • As a PPOB address
  • Incoming mail is handled and sent to you by email and / or post.
  • This is the address that serves as the storage location for official letters and documents
  • Under which address the authority may reach the company or its authorized representative on working days and
  • Under this address, the authority can carry out the local inspection


In the United States, on the other hand, this changes to:

A registered agent is not a registered office company.

An agent can be an office / organization / company where your personal “registered agent” handles official letters for your company, but it can also be an individual / legal entity who officially has this professional qualification and has the address of their official office, and the principal activity of his enterprise; the registered agent service.

The U.S. government requires in each state that there be a legal entity between the company and the government that maintains ongoing communication and contact, i.e., contact.


The registered agent provides the following services by default:

In the United States, there is a law called; Proper procedural law. This right ensures, as its name suggests, that the company has the right to participate in the relevant proceedings when initiating any legal proceedings.


It means that:

– while in practice with other European states, letters from the authority are sent to the company’s registered office, and if the head office’s address is stuttered or does not receive official notification at all, because the postman “discarded the notice along with the pension vouchers” ) the letter from the office should still be considered as delivered… From the American point of view, this seems a bit nonsense… (ed.)

In the States, official service is not left to the postmen but is delivered in person, so it is necessary to have someone in the United States who can legally receive the letters, i.e. to be a registered agent with a liaison with whom service can be effected.


Accept delivery:

Thus, the notification can be considered as accepted ex officio, i.e. actually delivered ex officio. In this case, however, it cannot be said that “we did not receive it” or “we did not know about it”, “we did not receive such a notification”, and so on.

The registered agent notifies the company manager of the received consignment the same day or as soon as possible after receipt, by email, sms, telephone, fax, customer portal, and his role in the process actually ends. He doesn’t book, he doesn’t register a domain name, he doesn’t work for the company for anything other than receiving and forwarding official letters for an annual fee.

Our company formation packages, the Registered Agent fee are always included! If you want to change agents, we can take over your company to us for a fee of $ 350.- USD / company / year.


From the perspective of the state:

So in a reverse view, since in America it is possible for non-residents to start a business, and with this exception, the company’s registered office can be anywhere in the world, except for a few exceptions (see here) person in the territory of the States to which the receipt of official letters is ensured. This is the purpose / meaning / essence and task of the registered agent.

The registered agent handles and forwards certain legal documents, such as process service and franchise tax notices, bank records, to the email, postal address or fax number provided.


What other regulations apply to the Registered Agent?

The registered agent is not only present at the physical address in Delaware, but is required to be available during normal business hours in order for the company to actually receive the documents from the authorities.

So, the use of a registered agent service is essential when starting a company and throughout the life of the company.

If someone is resident in the states if not, the use of a registered agent is a prerequisite for establishing any type of company.


Can I use the registered agent’s address as my registered office address?

Unfortunately, you or the company cannot use the address of the registered agent as your registered office address, as it is necessary for the company to be available at at least 2 addresses.

By doing so, your company’s physical address will be your office (or home office) in the country from which you or your company actually works.



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