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We provide an opportunity for businesses that are struggling financially when starting a company if the goal of setting up a business is to enter the international market with a normal or unique, innovative, or new and breakthrough idea.

For Start-ups that establish their start-up businesses with us and join our “New Story” programme, we act as co-owner at the time of incorporation and are the only ones who can do the company’s accounting. In this case, we initially only co-own the start-up to the extent of the fees for our accounting and other services, and as the company grows and develops, we will then, at our discretion, raise capital for those businesses we find worthy. From start-up to we help the company grow by providing professional- and relationship capital, loans, grants and tenders, and mentoring deserving businesses throughout.

  1. Businesses that need help getting started.
  2. Businesses that already have a business and financial plan and are just looking for an investor.
  3. Businesses looking for second-tier investors.


If you want to start a company with normal or an innovative, breakthrough and unique or new product or service, join our initiative and win our financial and professional support!

We currently support the following company formations:


English Company Formation


How it works?

Order any of our company formations and when filling out the form, check the “New story” field and enter the percentage share you offer us in your company. After that, we will contact you by phone and/or Skype.


Our current portfolio:

  • Accounting firm
  • Cleaner company
  • Travel organization company
  • Family developer
  • Alliances
  • Insurance
  • Database manager
  • Accommodation company
  • Website builder


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